Basic Design Tips for New Website

If you are thinking to create new website or redesigning your old one. Below are some basic design tips to keep in mind for higher engagement and usability.

Keep it Simple

It’s either you are thinking about your home page, navigation, or content, make it simple. Do not build a website that will make it hard for your visitors to find what they are looking for. For example, if you want your visitor to press a button do not make them scroll to find it. Make sure they can easily find it.

Keep it concise

Make sure you have a shorter content for your new website to be easily read and easily get your point across more quickly.

Header Hierarchy

To be sure that you use a consistent hierarchy of headers. The header communicates the format of your content. To help the readers understand the arrangement of your content.

White Space is your Best Friend

Allow a few rooms between lines of text and set up borders on the sides of your pages. To maintain text from becoming too wide and hard to read. Provide a space around the pictures. This action provides visitor’s eyes to visually organize and scan your text more easily.

About Color

Use limitations so that your visitors will thank you. Get a basic color that will allow the foundation of your design. Then get a divergent accent color for important buttons and other interface elements.

Keep it Easy to Stay

Frequently visitors visit at your home page, but always search results or other links bring them to some other page in your site. Certainly, to allow links in your content, and offer content recommendations to suggest other pages to read next. This strategy will allow your visitors to stay longer on your site.

These simple tips help your site to be publicly viewed. You can also search the other most popular website to get some insights.